Graphic Design & Marketing

from Susan Taylor

As well as creating wonderful giftware Susan is an accomplished graphic designer.

She has worked at advertising companies in London, Brighton and Bristol, for clients including British Airways, Virgin Holidays, Mattel, Great Western Railways, Wella, and Bupa. Now working freelance, Susan has created designs for local companies including Aardman, Aqua Restaurants, Fika Bristol, Leku Home and Smithson Gallery.

Working with business partner Anne-Louise Perez, Susan has recently been involved in creating World Food Passports for the Food Connections Festival in Bristol and GWR Travel Guides for Severnside Community Rail.

Aardman Sculpture Trails

Susan designed and painted 2 sculptures for Aardman

Alright Me Babber
Created using illustrations taken from her first Bristol design, Alright Me Babber was located at Temple Meads Station for the Shaun in the City sculpture trail in 2015.

Brystall Maze
Susan created this sculpture design inspired by each of the four zones of The Crystal Maze: Medieval, Industrial, Aztec, and Future. In each of the zones, Crystal Maze fans will be able to spot various iconic Bristol landmarks including Cabot Tower and the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The ears of the Gromit represent the iconic Crystal Dome found at the centre of the maze, with the nose as the coveted crystals that so many contestants try, and fail, to win on the cult TV classic.

Fika Bristol

Susan designed a 30-page recipe book for local Swedish bakery Fika Bristol.

GWR Travel Guides

Susan collaborated with Severnside Community Rail in Partnership with GWR and South Gloucestershire Council to create a set of helpful travel guides. These informative guides are targeted at families, promoting day trips from local stations.

Each colourful 6-page guide features an illustrated map and showcases top travel fare tips, fun things to do at each destination along the line, and suggestions on day-trip itineraries.

World Food Passport

For Bristol's Food Connections Festival, Susan helped create the World Food Passport. Forty restaurants in three areas of Bristol got involved in the festival, offering free samples to customers who purchased the passport, providing a fun day out exploring different parts of Bristol and delicious food.

Each passport has a map, travel information and a page dedicated to each restaurant. Once the customer has received their food sample, the restaurant stamps their page.

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